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Here you will find many documents, forms and scripts in easy-to-download PDF format.

All-ceramics for Chairside CAD/CAM Treatment
By Ivoclar
All-ceramics for Chairside CAD/CAM Treatment Empress CAD/e.max CAD 2 page illustrated brochure from Ivoclar.

Case of the Year - 2011
By Pacific Dental Arts
Our case of the year for 2011 - Involving 8 ceramic crowns (zirconia), completed by doctor Kern.

Cementation Chart - 2 pages
By Ivoclar
Cementation Chart - Applications - Variolink® Veneer Variolink® II Multilink® Automix SpeedCEM

Competence in All-ceramics
By Ivoclar
All-ceramics Competence in All-ceramics 12 page illustrated brochure that outlines a basic history of Empress, CAD/CAM, ZirCAD and more.

Cosmetic Anterior Checklist
By Pacific Dental Arts
A handy check off list that dentists may refer to when sending a cosmetic case to Pacific Dental Arts.

Don't Use Discs Contouring Zirconia
By Pacific Dental Arts
A 1 page article outlining how NOT to adjust BruxZir with discs.

e.max - 8 page illustrated Brochure
By Ivoclar
An 8 page illustrated brochure with the following subtitles Lithium disilicate- esthetic and versatile Zirconium oxide - high strength and high performance IPS e.max Ceram - vibrant and natural Cementation - flexible and proven

e.max CAD Chairside - 104 pages
By Ivoclar
Everything that you need to know about e.max, fully illustrated with photos, charts, technical information, cementation, applications - 104 pages.

IPS e.max - One System for Every Indication
By Ivoclar
IPS e.max - One System for Every Indication 8 pages - illustrated Highlights on lithium dislicate, zirconium oxide, e.max Ceram. Cementation including Variolink, Multilink, SpeedCem and Vivaglas Cem.

IPS e.max CAD - 4 page illustrated Brochure
By Ivoclar
IPS e.max CAD - 4 page illustrated Brochure Illustrated application of lithium disilicate, brief on cementation, benefits.

IPS e.max CAD-on - 8 page illustrated Brochure
By Ivoclar
IPS e.max CAD-on - 8 page illustrated Brochure Illustrated detail of lithium disilicate and lab techniques

MagnaVu Dental Procedure Scope
By Magna Vu 2012
6 page color brochure - All you need to know - Capture digital video and stills chairside - automated features - Works with most Dental Software.

Patient Education - Shade Matching Service
By Pacific Dental Arts
Patients that are scheduled to come to PDA Lab for custom shade matching can refer to this illustrated PDF that contains instructions and a map to the laboratory.

Patient Information - All-ceramic
By Ivoclar
Patient Information - All-ceramic Beautiful Teeth Made of All-ceramic - 12 page illustrated brochure Patient information related to all-ceramic restorations (Empress/e.max)

Rx Form - Crown & Bridge
By Pacific Dental Arts
Our standard C & B Rx form - in easy-to-print pdf format

Rx Form - Tattooed Teeth - Patient Friendly
By Pacific Dental Arts
This is a patient-friendly Rx Form - for patients interested in Custom Tattooed Teeth (crowns)

Zeno Prep Guide 02 for Dentists
By Wieland Dental
In this 8 page PDF document created by Wieland Dental the manufacturer illustrates and comments upon Zeno Tek preparation including; preparation and instrumentation, impression taking, temporary restorations, try-in, fitting and removal.

Zirconia - ZENOSTAR - Translucent - 7 Lab Steps
By Wieland
Want to know the steps we take with Zenostar (Monolithic) Translucent Zirconia? A 6 page illustrated document. ZENOSTAR Zr Translucent - pure 1. Separating 2. Sanding 3. Shading the cervical and body zones 4. Shading the occlusal zone 5. Drying 6. Sintering: - 1450 °C 7. Polishing 8. Individualization through staining and glazing